Monthly Archives: September 2017

Restriction On Buying a New Condo in Singapore

At the year of 1973, the Singapore government has announced some restriction on the ownership of all private residential properties in Singapore. This ownership is governed under the act of residential property act. The act focus to give a Singaporeans a stake within the country by being able to buy […]

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Restricted and Non-restricted Properties in Singapore

Singapore is a well-developed city which has a defined set of rules in all divisions. Especially when we are looking to the division of condo purchase, rent and sale, there are many more rules and restrictions to follow to get a proper approval from Singapore government. There are certain laws […]

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Property Ownership and Location Selecting in Singapore

The ownership and location of the property are getting a vital role in the property purchasing process. Let we see it in detail below. Property Ownership in Singapore: If you are decided to buy a property in kingsford waterbay Singapore┬áthen you need to know the basic details about the property […]

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