Different types of condo in Singapore

Singapore is one the high-tech city in the world, where a number of people are living in small areas. The high population of Singapore city can be managed by the condo.  Basically, the condo located in Singapore is classified into 3 categories such as, The mass market condos which are […]

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Advantages of Living in a Condo in Singapore

The condo is living place which is joint apartment location. Singapore is a small city which has a number of the condo within it. There are many more advantages in living with a condo in Singapore, some of them are listed and explained below, High-tech location, Total and assured security, […]

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Parc Riviera Condo @ West Coast

Parc Riviera Showflat Location

Page Contents1 Parc Riviera Singapore Review2 Design and Location3 Travel4 The Grounds5 The 4th and 5th-Storeys6 The 37th Storey7 Schools8 Parc Riviera Site Plan9 The Price & Benefits of Making Parc Riviera Your Home Parc Riviera Singapore Review Parc Riviera condo towers at a height of 36-storeys and stretches over […]

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Kingsford Waterbay @ Upper Serangoon

Kingsford Waterbay - The Cove

Page Contents1 Kingsford Waterbay Singapore Review2 Design And Price 3 Water Features4 The Stream5 The River6 The Cove7 The Waterfall8 The Promenade9 The Club10 Location And Local Environment11 Local Amenities12 Schools13 Travel14 Resident Expectations15 Gallery and Photo Kingsford Waterbay Singapore Review Kingsford Waterbay Condo is an aquatic paradise you and your […]

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Commonwealth Towers Condo @ Queenstown

Commonwealth Towers Condo Showflat

Page Contents1 Commonwealth Towers Singapore Review2 Design / Floor / Site Plan3 Location and Travel4 Local Amenities & Outdoor Leisure5 Family Spaces and Schooling/Family Accommodations6 On the Grounds6.1 The 5th Storey6.2 The 14th Storey6.3 The 24th Storey6.4 The 34th Storey7 Security8 Price and Expectations/Prospects for One’s Future Home Commonwealth Towers […]

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6 Derbyshire Condo @ Novena

6 Derbyshire Condo

Page Contents1 6 Derbyshire Property Review2 Design3 Local Travel4 Local Amenities5 Outdoor Leisure 6 Family Accommodations 7 Intelligently Secure and User-Friendly8 Price and Expectations for One’s Future Home9 Gallery and Photo 6 Derbyshire Property Review 6 Derbyshire is an elegant and exclusive condominium residence located in Novena, Singapore, a luxurious […]

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Symphony Suites Condo @ Yishun

Symphony Suites Condo

Page Contents1 Symphony Suites Condo Review2 Arrangement3 Location and Travel4 Isometrics5 Entertainment 6 Relaxation 7 Family Spaces and Schooling8 Environment9 Prospects for One’s Future Home10 Gallery and Photo Symphony Suites Condo Review Symphony Suites Condo is an elegant and peaceful condominium residence situated at the latter end of Yishun Ave […]

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