How to buy a private property in Singapore?

Are you decided to buy a new property in Singapore? Then you need to know the basic things about how to buy a property in Singapore. While purchasing a property in Singapore you need to focus on the below things,

  • Employ a realtor,
  • Use only one agent,
  • Budget,
  • Buyer’s Stamp Duty,

Employ a realtor:

You need to employ a professional property agent, who will help you to guide, assist and protect your interest throughout the purchase and secure the offer of commonwealth towers condo singapore for you at a best possible low price. Most of the property agents are having much better knowledge than the normal person in the field of property purchasing so that they will help you to select a better position choice of lands.

Use only one agent:

Most of the property selling companies are connected with a link to maintain a single database. So that you need to use only one agent at a time. Because if you appoint many agents at a time, they all will show you the same property.

Hence more confusion and embarrassment will arise if you employ many agents. On the other hand using 1 agent will save you valuable money and time.


Before going to start up the process of buying a property you need to decide the total budget you have to spend for that property. based on your idea you can apply for the loan up to 80% of the value of the price rate of the property.

Buyer’s Stamp Duty:

While you are purchasing a new property after that you have to complete the buyer’s stamp duty to register that property on your name. In Singapore mostly the buyer’s stamp duty cost about 3% of the cost of the property which should be paid separately to the government for registration.

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