Restricted and Non-restricted Properties in Singapore

Singapore is a well-developed city which has a defined set of rules in all divisions. Especially when we are looking to the division of condo purchase, rent and sale, there are many more rules and restrictions to follow to get a proper approval from Singapore government.

There are certain laws which are needed to follow when you processing with the living spaces like a condo, empty lands, households, apartments and more. There is two kinds of properties are categorized based on the restrictions on the Singapore government, which are

  • Restricted properties in Singapore,
  • Non-restricted properties in Singapore,

Generally, there is no restrictions or only less amount of restrictions for the people who are already getting the citizenship of Singapore government. Being a citizen of Singapore they can easily process with the land and property buying process,

But when it goes for a foreigner who is newly entering the Singapore city has many more restrictions on the process of property purchasing. Due to this restrictions, most of the foreigners are not willing to buy a property in Singapore.

On the reverse of this, there are some properties which are not restricted to the foreigners.Let us see the detail view of these properties in details.

Restricted properties in Singapore:

The restricted properties of Singapore government to the foreigner buyer are,

  • Vacant lands,
  • Landed residential property, like as bungalows, terrace houses, semi-detached houses,
  • Residential property in a building of fewer than 6 levels,

Non-restricted residential properties in Singapore:

There are some non-restricted properties in Singapore to the foreigner buyers, that are,

  • An HDB Shophouse,
  • An HDB flat purchased directly from HDB,
  • A resale HDB flat where HDB has consented to the sale,

For more details visit the official website of Singapore government.

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